About Us

Embark Wealth Management takes a holistic approach to our clients' financial needs, with our experienced financial planners incorporating everything from taxes to 401k accounts to develop comprehensive financial plans for our clients. Our skilled financial experts are able to draw on years of investment experience and an accumulated level of financial expertise to exploit market inefficiencies and protect our client's assets.

Our investment philosophy is centered on asset allocation to ensure broad diversification among a number of different asset classes, which include domestic, international and emerging markets, as well as REITs and commodities, to name a few. The advantage of our approach is that while each of the different asset classes are expected to rise over the long term, the investments do not always move in tandem, and thus weakness in one particular class can be offset by strength in others. Our experienced advisors combine this passive management approach with tactical asset allocation to capitalize on inefficiencies in the market.

At Embark we believe we are uniquely qualified to manage client assets, given our intimate knowledge of our client's financial situation through partnerships with tax professionals. Due to our boutique status, we believe that we offer a much higher level of service than many of our competitors.