A Leader in Investment Management

Embark Wealth Management offers a wide range of financial planning and investment management services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual investors. Our knowledgeable advisors assist clients with a broad array of services from detailed financial and estate planning of high net worth individuals to setting up and monitoring small business 401Ks. We offer unfettered access to advisors for financial advice related to any potential investments, tax planning, and other financial matters.

  • Financial Plan: Our financial plans include investment, retirement, and tax planning sections.

  • Investment Strategy: Based on the financial plan, our team would recommend a customized investment portfolio specific to each individual client’s financial situation.

  • Depth of Analysis: Our advisors evaluate many different investment options taking a deep dive into the fundamentals and only select those with the most potential for outsized returns.

  • Investment Monitoring: Embark also closely monitors its clients investments to ensure that they are on-track to meet their financial goals, and amends financial plans periodically for any material changes.

  • Investment Options: Access to a wide range of investment including unique investment options in the alternative investment sector, such as privately traded REITs, which can act as good diversification tools.

Small Business Services:

Our team supports a number of entrepreneurs and small business owners with their investment, retirement and tax planning needs. We provide guidance for businesses on the appropriate type of retirement account, which includes traditional 401Ks, Solo 401Ks, SEP IRAs and Simple IRAs.